Meeting of the Minds Acquires Network Under 40

Founded in 2011, Network Under 40 hosts both in-person and virtual networking events for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals.

I’m thrilled to share that Meeting of the Minds has acquired Network Under 40.

Founded in 2011, Network Under 40 hosts both in-person and virtual networking events for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals.

Over 30,000 individuals have attended their events over the last decade, finding Network Under 40 to be a place to come together “as you are”, build new friendships, and leave with referrals, partnerships, and genuine relationships with real people. 

Additionally, companies like Google, Audi, BlackRock, WeWork, Nationwide, ADP, Morgan Stanley, and Buffalo Trace have sponsored Network Under 40 events.

This aligns perfectly with our vision at Meeting of the Minds, which is to unite entrepreneurs who are “world-class” at their craft so they can leverage one another’s expertise to solve pressing problems in their businesses and society at large.

Here’s Darrah Brustein, founder of Network Under 40, on the announcement…

“I started Network Under 40 in 2011 when a friend from undergrad moved back to Atlanta and asked, ‘How do I make friends after college without getting hit on, sold to, or being in rooms where everyone is my parents’ age?’ I chuckled, assessed her options, and told her that place didn't exist, so I'd start it.” says Darrah Brustein, founder of Network Under 40. 

Little did I know that conversation would turn into a 10 year journey, serving 30,000+ young professionals who built meaningful friendships and business collaborations, as well as partnering with dozens of local and Fortune 500 companies.

I'm excited that Meeting of the Minds will continue to further this mission and offer both virtual and in-person spaces for true connection.” 

What’s especially meaningful to me about this acquisition is that Darrah was one of our two speakers at the very first Meeting of the Minds back in January 2018.

To continue providing value to the Network Under 40 community while introducing them to Meeting of the Minds is humbling, and has given us the ability to tap into the diverse Zones of Genius of our network to reimagine the future of this brand.

For starters, we are planning to explore the connections between these well-respected communities and invest in growing the reach of Network Under 40.

Want to attend upcoming Network Under 40 events? Click here to sign up for the free events, and use the code JARED10 for $10 off any of the ticketed events.

We have already invited various Meeting of the Minds members and alumni to speak at upcoming Network Under 40 events and have hired Melissa Joy Kong (founder of Iceberg Agency, former Chief of Staff for Jesse Itzler, and Director/Head of Content at Eventbrite and ProductHunt) to write a weekly value-add email newsletter similar to Morning Brew or theSkimm.

Additionally, we’ve planned frequent virtual events that are inclusively-priced and available to anyone from around the world, and are planning a more premium membership offering from Network Under 40 which will be announced in coming months.

Finally, we are exploring in-person event models that integrate with our quarterly Meeting of the Minds summits while maintaining the energy, value, and casual nature of Network Under 40 experiences historically.

Interested in attending any of the upcoming in-person events? Apply and let me know! The first one (or few) will be hosted in Atlanta, GA.

Network Under 40 will remain an independent brand under Meeting of the Minds ownership, and day-to-day management will be led by Natalie Parker, Director of Operations, who has been with the company since 2017. 

To learn more about Network Under 40’s events, weekly email newsletter, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

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Later, Jared would become a delegate to President Obama's 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia, write multiple books including the "#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015", and speak at TED@IBM the day before he turned 20. 

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