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I’m Jared Kleinert, founder of Meeting of the Minds (I’ve also been named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial). I started my first business at 15 and later became one of the first 10 employees for an enterprise SaaS company where I worked under “The Most Connected Man You Don’t Know In Silicon Valley” according to Forbes.

At 18, I became one of the youngest signed authors of a business book in MacMillan’s 175+ year history as one of the elite publishing houses, and soon published two award-winning books profiling hundreds of the world’s smartest and most talented Millennials. I also gave a TED talk at 19 (and have done two other TEDx talks).

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For 5 years, I ran my own marketing consulting firm after landing #1 NYT bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi (former CMO of Deloitte and author of Never Eat Alone) as my first-ever client. Other clients included Fortune 1000 companies, Rhodes Scholars, Emmy award-winning journalists, keynote speakers earning $20K+ per speech, etc.

And today, through Meeting of the Minds, I’m curating "super-connectors" and subject matter experts as invite-only attendees to 3 day summits in places like Bermuda, Napa Valley, and elsewhere, as well as “Deep Dives” on a monthly basis to cover topics like marketing, sales, business development, networking, and more.

You can expect that this newsletter will cover practical advice and insights from my own experiences starting successful small businesses, working with hundreds of top thought leaders and innovative companies, as well as interviews with my clients, friends, and other experts we invite to provide you with massive value.

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Jared Kleinert

USA Today's "Most Connected Millennial", TED Speaker, and 2x Award-Winning Author. Connect with some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs I know at motm.co