We Are BACK!!! (+3 exciting updates)

Thanks for your continued support.

Thanks for your patience these last couple weeks, as I haven’t published as frequently as usual. Now, we’re back in business!!!

Here are some “behind the scenes” and exciting updates, invitations, and opportunities for you and your business-owning buddies.

#1 - After 15 months of social distancing, we’re hosting Meeting of the Minds this weekend, IN-PERSON, in Atlanta.

This is our fourteenth (14th) summit, and members, alumni, and newbies alike are flying in from Seattle, Austin, South Carolina, and elsewhere to participate along with various locals. We have a small group this weekend, but if you’d like to join us August 20-22, we will be hosting our next summit in Atlanta as well, with 20-40 attendees.

Back in February 2020, I could have never imagined our company would be at risk of closing due to a global pandemic.

I’m so proud we have survived - and thrived - by adding a monthly virtual Meeting of the Minds to our schedule of events (join us June 12-13 if interested), putting bitcoin on our balance sheet to protect against inflation before it was popular, and acquiring another company during all this madness among other pivots and chess moves.

What? You acquired a business?!

#2 - On June 8, we will be announcing an acquisition that Meeting of the Minds completed back in April 2021. Mark your calendars to hear the breaking news.

We can’t wait to share all the details and explain how you’ll benefit as readers of this newsletter and/or clients of Meeting of the Minds.

Premium subscribers, for example, will get access to comped virtual networking events each month powered by the company we’ve purchased, as well as intimate details on the deal if you’re ever interested in buying or selling a company, want to hear more about how we negotiated the best price possible, “lessons learned” on M&A and how to increase the value of your company even if you never intend to sell, etc.

Become A Premium Subscriber!

Premium subscribers also get a complimentary copy of my new book How To Build A World-Class Network In Record Time, which I will *finally* be publishing this summer after the announcement of Meeting of the Minds’ acquisition on June 8.

#3 - As if things weren’t crazy enough, I started ANOTHER company with two Meeting of the Minds alumni!!!

Actually, I’ve been working on this in “stealth” since August, and we aren’t yet doing a full-blown PR campaign, launch, or anything crazy…

…but I’d love to tell you about my new company, in case we can be helpful to you.

“Offsite” provides end-to-end team retreat planning for remote-first companies. If you’re the leader of a company with 10-50 employees, and are looking to get everyone together sometime in Q3 or Q4 for an in-person, 2-3 day gathering, we can take care of the logistics, agenda-planning, billing, and more so you can save time, money, and stress in getting everyone back together in-person again.

We’re already started working with VC-backed startups, award-winning agencies, and a handful of “beta” clients as we write the first lines of code to ultimately build a marketplace connecting companies looking to plan Offsites and vendors (like hotels, caterers, wellness providers, etc) who’d like more business during week days and shoulder seasons.

Are you planning a team retreat soon? I’d be happy to give you some advice and/or discuss using Offsite to make your life easier. We’re also fundraising, so if you’re interested in angel investing and/or want me to work my ass off to make you money over the coming years through this new venture, reply and let me know :).


We have already hired one writer (and are bringing on additional support in various roles) to help us publish content more frequently as I take on more responsibilities, finalize the new book, onboard the new company and team we’ve acquired, and build Offsite.

We have more access, valuable insights, and opportunities to share with you than ever before, so allow us the chance to ramp back up to more frequent newsletters again, and you’ll be thankful you remained with us during these exciting times 🚀🚀🚀.

As always, please reply and let me know what type of content you’d like to read in the future, how we can be helpful, and what’s going on in your world.

Starting next week, we have some more interviews to publish, including with the newly-minted Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jon Levy (his new book You’re Invited: The Art And Science Of Cultivating Influence is a must-read) as well as updates on in-person and virtual events we’re hosting throughout the summer in addition to our Meeting of the Minds experiences.

Thanks again.


Jared Kleinert is the founder of Meeting of the Minds (motm.co), as well as a TED speaker, 2x award-winning author, and USA Today's "Most Connected Millennial".

Meeting of the Minds curates "super-connectors" and subject matter experts as invite-only attendees to 3 day summits in places like Napa Valley, Bermuda, and elsewhere, as well as “deep dives” such as this Marketing and Biz Dev strategy & implementation workshop. Members of the MOTM network include CEOs of 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses, creators of globally-recognized brands and social movements, New York Times bestselling authors, founders of pre-IPO tech unicorns, c-suite execs from Fortune 500 companies, and others.

Jared's career began at 15 years old when he started his first company, and took off at 16 while working as the first intern, and then one of the first 10 employees, for an enterprise SaaS company called 15Five, which today has raised over $40M and has almost 2000 forward-thinking companies as monthly recurring clients.

Later, Jared would become a delegate to President Obama's 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia, write multiple books including the "#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015", and speak at TED@IBM the day before he turned 20. 

As a highly-sought after keynote speaker and consultant, Jared’s clients range from organizations like Facebook, Samsung, Bacardi, Estee Lauder, IBM, Cornell, Berkeley, AdAge, and the National Speakers Association. His insights on entrepreneurship, networking, marketing, and business development have been featured in Forbes, TIME, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, NPR, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Fox Business and more.

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