In-Person vs Virtual Events

Do you think virtual events are about to fizzle out? Or are we just getting started?

What camp are you in?

Are you rushing back to in-person events…

…or are you content with Zooming into virtual gatherings?

Part of why I haven’t been writing as much (my bad…I’ll get better!) is that I’ve been working on lots of new virtual events in addition to our first IN-PERSON summit for Meeting of the Minds since February 2020.

If you’re comfortable traveling, join us May 28-30 in Atlanta!

We have a few more rooms available in a private compound we’ve rented for the weekend, as well as various special touches planned since Meeting of the Minds has been entirely virtual for 15 months. I can’t wait for this reunion. 🙃

Additionally, we are hosting our next virtual “Deep Dive” on June 12-13, focusing on all things Marketing and Business Development.

Want to join us? Let me know.

Anyways, back to in-person vs. virtual events…

My personal opinion is that there is room for BOTH.

Millions of people are remote-first for the first time in their careers. Others have left big cities for more remote locales and/or new environments where they don’t have the same day-to-day networking opportunities as their old towns provided.

Year over year change in rental listings in Manhatten
Year-over-year growth in NYC rental listings (according to Bloomberg). Look at the spike in inventory in 2020. That means people are moving (and many are leaving to Brooklyn, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere).

While I’m itching to get back to in-person events, and have another startup focused on end-to-end team retreat planning (happy to share more with you privately if you’re interested), I also see the need to serve the “newly remote” so they don’t get left behind.

That’s why I’m working over the next decade to connect people, ideas, and companies regardless of where they’re located.

Got internet access? We have room for you in Zoom.

Willing to catch a flight? We’ll have intimate, intentional, in-person experiences for you too, especially if you’re an entrepreneur solving big, pressing problems in the world.

But that’s just my view…

What do you think?

Do you think virtual events are doomed once everyone is vaccinated?

Do you think in-person events are at risk because individuals and companies may choose not to invest time, money, and energy in attending experiences that could be replicated online without the travel or overhead costs?

Reply and let me know!



P.S. - I have some exciting announcements coming up, including an acquisition we’ve recently finalized, a new startup I’m currently fundraising for, and my third book which is receiving finishing touches before we hit publish. Want more details? I’m happy to share more info privately, so let’s reconnect soon.