Cold Emails, Warm Intros, and One-To-Many Networking

In this write-up, I’ve hyperlinked to four (4) helpful email templates, five (5) ideas for one-to-many networking, and more...Enjoy! :)

Hello entrepreneurs!

You may be a “super-connector” already, and the following lessons are helping you improve by 1% (even NBA superstar Lebron James has coaches and trainers). 

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You may also be a beginner when it comes to leveraging your network for additional sales, savings, and success…or somewhere between the two (and that's OK as well!).  

In this write-up, I’ve hyperlinked to four (4) helpful email templates you can use at any stage in your career to meet new people, build valuable relationships, and offer help to people in your network. Plus, you’ll discover some of the “one-to-many” networking strategies I use to stay in touch with our ever-expanding community.


If you aren’t well-connected and/or are entering into a new industry or geographic region, you’ll likely send a lot of “cold” emails or approach more strangers at events and in online communities.

While this isn't exactly “connecting” with someone, sending an effective cold email (or being great with cold calls and approaching busy and influential people via events and social media) provides you the opportunity to connect at a later time and date.

Based on your cold email, the other person will get a sense of how you can offer them value, and learn a little bit about who you are.

RESOURCES - Click here for two Cold Email Templates.

If they respond positively, they are choosing to chat with you and the two of you will start your relationship off in a respectful and intentional way. 

Cold emails are always worth a shot, but they don't always work...

It's Worth A Shot.


Even if you write the best cold email, you may not receive a response and/or you may not be able to connect with the person you're trying to reach. 

Before you send cold emails, it pays to see if you have a mutual friend with someone, and if they can make an introduction on your behalf. 

We call these “warm” intros.

When I reached out to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, for example, I used one of the email templates I provided above. 

Matt runs a billion dollar company, and his technology powers over 33% of all websites on the Internet, so you can imagine how many emails he receives on a daily basis. 

Even with the best cold email possible, not only was I not able to connect with him, but her replied only to say, “stop emailing me”, adding… “thanks.”

What happened, only a couple months later, when I received a warm intro from a mutual friend?

Matt was more than happy to connect with me, and I was able to interview him for my last book 3 Billion Under 30.

Later, I was able to introduce him to James Altucher they recorded a podcast episode together, which created a “win-win-win” scenario for all of us. 

The following templates are helpful when asking for warm intros, so you can make it easier for others in your network to help you connect with your Ideal Clients, partners, influencers, investors, etc.

RESOURCES - Click here for my Warm Intro Templates.


As you become a better connector, it will be near impossible to chat one-one-one with all the influencers, customers, friends, and followers in your exponentially-expanding network.

This is where one-to-many networking comes into play. 

With the following systems or activities, you can stay top-of-mind so people in your network provide you with new opportunities, valuable intros (without you having to ask for them!), and support during challenging times like we’re all experiencing as I write this in August 2020. 

You'll also be able to offer value to people in your “fringe network” to keep helping those around you level-up and thus be able to support you more effectively in the future. Success begets success. 

Here's some ideas for one-to-many networking:

  • Start a blog or podcast and provide interesting and actionable content in your area of subject matter expertise. 

  • Create a Facebook Group around a topic, community, or conference you care about, and help facilitate endless conversations and exchanges of value as the organizer of the online community.

  • Host dinner parties or outings for friends so you can connect with multiple people at once and ask for +1s, allowing you to meet new and interesting individuals that are vetted by your pre-existing network. 

  • Volunteer for a conference (in-person or virtual) and offer value to the event coordinators while meeting the speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

  • Put together a free or cheap online course so you can offer value to anyone interested in the subject(s) you have knowledge about and wish to share with the world! Record once and share in perpetuity.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning ALL the “super-connector secrets” I have to share with you. 

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